Our feeders

How do you find the optimal balance between available forage and by-products; this supplemented with the optimal concentrate specifically made for your farm?

For us, optimizing compositions has nothing to do with the financial calculation of raw materials in a feed composition, but everything to do with balancing our concentrates, tailored to your farm! This is what makes us unique!

The specifics of our feeds:

  • Pens synchronization forms the basis of the ration calculation;
  • The right raw materials are used;
  • Our feeds are consistent in composition (and therefore not only on final values).

Our Suppliers
We supply all compound feeds, raw materials, minerals, and milk powders that your farm and animals currently require. We don't produce these products ourselves; instead, they come from suppliers selected by us who adhere to established conditions.
Is it important who produces your feed?
No. Virtually all manufacturers are proficient in feed production. The difference as a supplier is not made in the factory but 'on the farm.' Understanding your farm, aligning with your ambitions, contributing relevant knowledge, and creating and monitoring formulations are where the distinction lies. Who produces the feed afterward, in which factory, is not relevant, right? Therefore, we communicate very openly about it: as a Vitalvé customer, you know exactly where your compound feeds, raw materials, minerals, and milk powders come from.