Custom feeding

Let our Vitalizers guide you. All the compound feeds, raw materials, minerals and milk powders your goats need at the time are perfectly matched to their needs. These products are supplied by carefully selected suppliers who meet strict conditions. This is how we deliver on our three promises.

Feed concepts we are proud of

The Sassekamp Concept

The Sassekamp Concept is a feed concept in which the compound feed, any separate raw materials, and by-products are soaked and mixed with roughage. This creates a constant ration that makes selection impossible, ensuring a consistently balanced feed intake. Additionally, the concentrate feed undergoes fermentation during soaking, resulting in better digestion of the goat's feed ingredients. When applying the Sassekamp Concept, the entire ration is processed more efficiently, evident in the improved digestion of manure. Furthermore, the manure is more homogeneous throughout the herd. This allows for more targeted management of your goats' needs.
The Re-start program

The Re-start program ensures that older dairy goats, including those in good condition, maintain their vitality during the transition and lambing period. We make two selections during pregnancy and provide precise nutrition to the two groups of goats based on their needs. This ensures that the goats are and remain in good condition.
The long-term milkers concept

We aim to milk our goats for a longer duration, preserving their vitality and ensuring the delivery of high-quality milk over an extended period. This is achieved through precise nutrition and responsible management, aligning with our commitment to healthy and content goats. The Duurmelkers Concept reflects our dedication to efficiency and quality, enabling us to consistently contribute to the growth of our dairy production.
Diet Check

For our diet check, we utilize multiple tools to thoroughly analyze your ration. This allows us to monitor the quality of the feed and the digestion of your animals. The tools we use for this purpose are:

Shaker Box: This tool helps us examine the particle size in the ration.
Manure Sieve: With this tool, we analyze digestion and rumination activity.
Mobile NIR (Near-Infrared Spectroscopy): Using this tool, we can assess the silage, making variations visible and enabling more targeted adjustments in the ration. It also allows scanning of individual raw materials and complete feed compositions.
Mobile NIR

Do you actually know precisely what you're feeding? With our mobile NIR, we analyze exactly what you are feeding at that moment. You'll have the results within a few minutes! Vitalvé aims for the most consistent ration possible. To determine a good ration, it is crucial to know the current values of your roughage and raw materials. Curious about what you're precisely feeding? We'd be happy to visit you to analyze that!

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