What is the VitalMonitor?

The VitalMonitor is our internally developed tool that allows us to monitor the progress on your farm. Weekly data on feed and milk production are collected to provide you with immediate insights into the efficiency of your herd and the achieved feed profit. The VitalMonitor offers weekly insights into the key metrics of your farm.

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Added value of our VitalMonitor

Our Vitalizers can translate these key figures into concrete advice and strategic choices to maximize the potential of your farm. Additionally, we can compare your results with those of your fellow dairy farmers and conduct comprehensive analyses to provide you with even more insights.
With the VitalMonitor, you can observe the long-term progress of various groups of dairy cattle. Moreover, the monitor aids in monitoring animal health during vulnerable periods. The goal of using the VitalMonitor is to enhance farm management and save costs by gaining better insight into animal performance. Improving the efficiency of your farm starts with understanding.