Why Vitalvé?

We believe it's crucial for you, as an entrepreneur, to make informed decisions. This way, you focus on results and increase the chances of success for your business. However, for these choices, you need insights that you won't get from traditional feed suppliers.

We provide these insights. We advise when necessary, monitor your progress with our VitalMonitor, ensure a consistent composition, and have no secrets about what is in these formulations. Together, we explore where your challenges lie to further optimize the profitability of your business.


The 3 promises


We ensure that your feed always has a constant composition. This gives you control over your feed and ensures stability in your results.


We determine the composition of our products ourselves. This enables you to make more conscious choices when putting together your rations.


The right feed, in the right place at the right price. That's how you earn more with Vitalvé.

Our advisors are happy to help you!