The Vitalvé Group

The brands within the Vitalvé Group stand for consistency, transparency, and profitability, each in its respective market. Always dedicated to the nutrition of ruminants, supporting its customers, and maintaining a continuous ambition to surpass themselves every day.

We form a close-knit organization with a wealth of knowledge and ambition, each projecting its own identity outward.

What is good today may be outdated tomorrow. A robust internal organization with a high level of expertise and a natural instinct to explore new paths. This, coupled with knowledgeable advisors who continuously grow in their role through training and coaching.

Vitalvé, proFarm, and Vitalvé Canada are the three brand names operated within the Vitalvé Group.

About the Brands

Vitalvé NL

Vitalvé is a supplier of success on your farm. Founded to collaboratively expand, optimize, and professionalize your business in an integrated manner. With Vitalvé, we serve the Dutch dairy farming sector, as well as the Dutch and Belgian goat farming sectors.

proFarm serves the professional dairy farming sector in Belgium. With a professional team of advisors, supported by the Vitalvé Group where necessary, the consultancy is full-service. Rations, manure management, CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), and the cultivation of your roughage are all considered in the advice, with tailor-made solutions offered.
Vitalvé Canada

The team at Vitalvé Canada serves the goat farming industry in Ontario and Quebec. Proactive, knowledgeable in goat farming, and innovative in their approach. The Canadian goat farming industry has many similarities with that in Northwestern Europe but also faces its own unique challenges. Our professional team of advisors is ready to contribute to the success of your farm.