Our Practical Innovation Companies

Every day a little better, that's what we strive for at Vitalvé. To achieve this, we immerse ourselves in practical experiences. That's why we have our Practical Innovation Companies, where we test our feed concepts and bring our experiences to your barn. Our goal is to achieve maximum feed profit and ensure a healthy herd. These companies are fully managed by the Rongen brothers under the Vecunda banner. Our Practical Innovation Companies are located in The Netherlands.

The locations

Vecunda Sassekamp - Rijkevoort

At our Sassekamp location in Rijkevoort, there are 5000 dairy goats. Karin Bekkers is ready with advice as a Vitalizer. At this location, we have implemented our Sassekamp Concept. This concept allows for an extremely consistent ration.
Vecunda Rapperdsweg - Ambt Delden

At the Ambt Delden location on Rapperdsweg, we maintain 3000 dairy goats. Here, Eliné Looye-van Beek is your dedicated advisor. We actively strive to increase feed profit and feed efficiency at this location. This experience informs how we can also enhance returns on your farm.
Vecunda Schipperspeel - Oploo

In Oploo, at Schipperspeel, we currently house 800 dairy cows. Assisting this location is Vitalizer Sander Rühl. In 2020, this facility underwent remarkable growth, doubling from 400 to the current number of milked cows. Despite the straightforward design of the barns, considerable attention has been given to animal welfare, allowing us to achieve excellent results at this site.