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  • Fulfilled with your feed? That's just the beginning!

About Vitalvé

Vitalvé originated from practical experience. Nard van den Berg and Martien Rongen, both farmers themselves, faced challenges in the traditional compound feed world that inspired them to take action. As dairy or goat farmers, you are accustomed to receiving advice included with the compound feed. But wouldn't it make more sense to reverse that? At Vitalvé, we think so. That's why we formulated three promises that Nard and Martien missed from their own suppliers. Based on this foundation, the Vitalvé team works every day. We critically assess the challenges for each individual farmer and work from there to enhance the chances of success on the farm.

The 3 promises


We ensure that your feed always has a constant composition. This gives you control over your feed and ensures stability in your results.


We determine the composition of our products ourselves. This enables you to make more conscious choices when putting together your rations.


The right feed, in the right place at the right price. That's how you earn more with Vitalvé.