• In the stable, that's where it happens!

  • In the stable, that's where it happens!

  • Fulfilled with your feed? That's just the beginning!

  • More than feed.

About Vitalvé

As a dairy or goat farmer, you're used to advice being included with the compound feed. But doesn't it make more sense to turn that around? We think so. 

That's why we want to support you as your right hand in the field of feed. We help you achieve vital livestock, a successful barn result and the future you envision. And we do so with our knowledge, expertise and customized feed.

The 3 promises


We ensure that your feed always has a constant composition. This gives you control over your feed and ensures stability in your results.


We determine the composition of our products ourselves. This enables you to make more conscious choices when putting together your rations.


The right feed, in the right place at the right price. That's how you earn more with Vitalvé.